Arizona Premises Liability Lawyers Handle Far More Than Slip and Fall Claims

Premises liability lawyers in the Phoenix, Arizona area handle all types of cases involving property owners’ negligence, which encompasses much more than slip and fall accidents.  Any time an individual suffers injuries due to a property owner’s negligence in maintaining a safe property, that individual may have a claim.  Any areas where danger or risk exists that could put those on the property in jeopardy should be clearly marked.  When this isn’t the case and you sustain serious injuries, consult with a skilled Arizona premises liability attorney at once.

Without effective legal representation, you could be facing substantial costs because of your injuries.  Medical expenses could be overwhelming, depending on the treatment you require, and whether it is long term.  If you are not able to work because of your injuries, the financial situation becomes even worse.  Never settle with the responsible party’s insurance company before consulting with an Arizona premises liability lawyer, as insurance companies work to minimize the value of your claim as much as possible.  Let your attorney handle the negotiations, then proceed to court if the outcome is not satisfactory.

Your child may have suffered injuries after falling into a swimming pool that was not secured.  You may have slipped in a shopping mall because of a slippery floor.  Security negligence is another area of premises liability that is extremely common today.  If you are mugged, assaulted, molested or even worse on a property that lacked security, such as a parking structure or even a dark stairwell that was not sufficiently lit, the property owner may be responsible.  Not only does an Arizona premises liability attorney represent your legal rights, he/she can also help determine if you do in fact have a legitimate claim, and how much your claim may be worth.

Your neighbor’s dog may have attacked you while you were attending a neighborhood barbecue at their home.  Could this be considered negligence?  Absolutely.  Every property owner is responsible for keeping those on their property safe, even from pets.  As you can see, premises liability is far more reaching than slip and fall accidents.

If you or a family member have been injured in any way that involves negligence on behalf of a property owner/manager, speak with a capable premises liability attorney in Arizona right away.  You deserve full compensation of costs related to your injuries, and those who are liable should be held fully accountable.

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