How an Arizona Slip and Fall Lawyer Can Uphold Your Rights, Ensuring Justice is Served

When you are injured in a slip, trip or fall accident caused by another party’s negligence, it can change your life forever.  An Arizona slip and fall accident attorney will protect your rights, fight for full compensation, and hold the negligent party/parties accountable for their failure to maintain a safe property.

Unfortunately, many victims take no legal action, believing that the responsible party’s insurance company will treat them fairly; this is simply not the case.  Arizona slip and fall accident lawyers know that insurance companies do their best to pay as little as possible, and work to protect their own profits.  In order to get the full compensation you deserve for medical costs, lost income, pain and suffering and other damages, it is highly advised that you seek guidance from a skilled slip and fall lawyer in Arizona.

In Arizona, the owner of a property is not obligated to automatically compensate a victim who suffers injuries on his/her property.  As an injured victim, it is your responsibility to prove that the property owner acted in a negligent manner by not maintaining safe grounds or failing to alert anyone who may be on the premises of potential risks.

Some of the most common injuries that result from a slip, trip or fall accident include back/spinal injuries, head/neck injuries, broken hips, and fractures.  When you are seriously injured and in excruciating pain, the last thing you want to do is to wrangle with the insurance company or handle legal issues.  This is why you need an Arizona slip and fall lawyer who will negotiate with the insurance company or pursue litigation, handling all of the legal ramifications for you.

Most property owners will deny that they hold any responsibility when someone is injured on their property.  For this reason, you need an experienced Arizona slip and fall attorney in Arizona who is skilled in premises liability law, one who will fight aggressively to ensure that you get the full compensation you deserve for what you have been through.  You must have a lawyer who knows not only how to prove your case should it go to trial, but one who can prepare a strong case in the early stages of the game.

If you have been seriously injured on someone else’s property, don’t take the law into your own hands.  To do so would likely end in no compensation, or a very small percentage of what you are actually entitled to.  Rely on talented Arizona slip and fall attorneys with the skill and experience necessary to obtain the best possible outcome for you.

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Do You Think Filing for Arizona Workers’ Compensation Benefits Is an Easy Process? Think Again

If you’re a regular full-time employee for a company and you get benefits as part of your job, you probably have workers’ compensation benefits included in your package. With workers compensation, your employer agrees to pay you benefits in exchange for exclusion from personal injury liability related to your injuries. Benefits usually include medical expenses incurred when you treat any injuries you receive as part of performing your job duties.

However, Arizona workers’ compensation lawyers know that the process of filing for these benefits isn’t always straightforward. Do something incorrect on your paperwork, and you could find your benefits delayed or even denied. Because of that, it’s a good idea to find legal representation by hiring Scottsdale workers’ compensation attorneys to help you file your paperwork.

More than just representation

If there’s a problem with your benefits, of course, Arizona workers’ compensation lawyers will certainly go to bat for you to help make sure you receive them. However, you can avoid problems altogether by hiring an attorney right from the start, to help you file your paperwork. Your attorney will be an expert at filing for workers’ compensation benefits; he or she will help you ensure that you do your paperwork right when you first file, so that there are no glitches and you receive your benefits in a timely fashion.

In addition, if your benefits are cut short or denied altogether, your lawyer will be able to determine whether the decision should be appealed.  Attorneys who focus on the area of workers’ comp are experts at what they do, so you can rest assured that what can be done on your behalf will be done.

If you’re denied workers’ compensation benefits

Of course, if you are denied workers’ compensation benefits when you should be receiving them by rights, Arizona workers’ compensation lawyer will help you make sure this injustice is corrected. Consult with your attorney at no cost to you up front, and have your case evaluated. If your attorney feels that your case is valid, here she will go to court to help you fight for those benefits you so deserve. When you’re injured, you’re not feeling your best and may not feel like you have the resources to fight for workers’ compensation benefits even though you have them coming to you; your Arizona workers’ compensation lawyer can be your representative and do much of the work for you, so that you don’t have to.

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Injured on the Job in Construction? Hire an Arizona Construction Accident Attorney to Help You File for Benefits… Or More

Do you work in construction? It’s a great job, but it’s not without its risks. If you’ve been injured in an accident while on the job, your Arizona construction accident attorney will help you with whatever you need to do to receive compensation for your injuries.

Workers compensation benefits, a personal injury lawsuit – or both?

If you’ve been injured on the job simply as a matter of course, your employer probably provides workers compensation benefits to you if you get injured. Workers compensation benefits are basically an agreement between you and your employer that if you get injured on the job, you won’t sue your employer. In return, your employer provides you with benefits that pay medical expenses and can sustain you while you recover from your injuries.

However, workers compensation benefits aren’t always that easy to file for. In fact, the paperwork can be pretty complicated such that you may have benefits delayed or even denied altogether if you make a mistake. This isn’t something you can afford to have happen. If you need to file for workers compensation benefits, hire an Arizona construction accident attorney to help you do this. Hiring a construction accident attorney to help you get the workers compensation paperwork filed properly will help ensure that you get the benefits you need as soon as possible, so that you can forgo all of that hassle and simply get on with healing.

There’s another reason you may want to consider using the services of an Scottsdale construction accident lawyer, though, and that is if your injury happened on the job as the result of equipment malfunction or some other negligent action on the part of an equipment manufacturer or other responsible party. If that’s the reason for your injury, you may be able to file something called a third-party lawsuit.

Third-party lawsuits are specific lawsuits that are filed against third parties who are responsible for your injury because of equipment malfunction or other liability. Product liability laws are very strict in the United States, and you have every right as a construction worker to be sure that equipment used is safe when used for its intended purpose. If there’s a malfunction that causes injury, you can often file a third-party lawsuit against that equipment’s manufacturer and receive damages and compensation for pain and suffering.

This is a pretty complicated process, which is why hiring Scottsdale injury lawyer is necessary. They’ll have the expertise to take a look at your case and then file the appropriate documentation in court as necessary; with that, you’ll get proper compensation for your injuries, and the money you need to recover.

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Experienced Arizona Car Accident Lawyers Know Accidents Happen for Many Reasons

While most car accidents are caused by negligent drivers, experienced Arizona car accident lawyers realize there are many other factors that contribute to accidents resulting in injury.  Bad weather or road conditions, mechanical failure and vehicle defects are other contributing factors.  No matter why you were injured, if the accident happened through no fault of your own, it is important that you consult with a skilled car accident lawyer in Arizona.

When you are a victim in an auto accident, you may sustain serious or even life-threatening injuries.  Broken bones, head trauma, spine or back injuries and even amputation injuries may occur.  Depending upon the seriousness of your injuries, you may be unable to work for a prolonged time period – or even permanently.  You will likely experience not only pain and discomfort, but emotional trauma and perhaps even permanent damage to your body.  The last thing you want to worry about is whether the insurance company will settle with you for the full compensation you are entitled to.  This is where a skilled Scottsdale car accident attorney comes in.

One of the most common causes of car accidents is negligence on the part of other motorists.  A driver may be distracted, texting or talking on a cell phone while behind the wheel.  He or she may be speeding, or driving in an otherwise reckless manner.  Drunk drivers and those under the influence of drugs or other illegal substances may be impaired to the point that they cause an accident.  When you are the victim of another driver’s negligent actions, it is imperative that you obtain the services of an experienced Arizona personal injury lawyer.

Faulty brakes, defects in signal lights and faulty tires can also lead to accidents, although this does not occur as often as simple driver negligence.  Competent Arizona car accident attorneys know that manufacturers must be accountable and dedicated to providing vehicles that are safe for consumers.  In some cases, an accident may occur due to product defect, meaning the manufacturer may be held liable for costs associated with your injuries.

In most cases, a talented car accident lawyer in Arizona can resolve your case and secure full compensation without going to court.  However, when it becomes necessary to go to court it is essential that you have an attorney with strong litigation skills.  Whatever the cause of your accident, seek legal guidance with a reputable attorney – and never trust that the insurance company will offer you a fair settlement, because it will not.

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Arizona Worker’s Compensation Lawyers Work in All Areas of Workers’ Comp

Most employees believe that when they are injured on the job, their employers workers’ compensation insurance will take care of the costs related to their injuries.  However, the simple act of filing a claim actually isn’t so simple – in fact, it can be confusing and complex.  An experienced Phoenix workers’ compensation attorney can help you with any and all aspects of workers’ comp when you have sustained injuries at your place of employment.

You might assume that in order to be eligible, you must be injured in a way that is the fault of your employer; however, even if you sustain injuries that are your own fault, you are eligible.  Arizona workers’ compensation attorneys can answer all of your questions and work with you to determine the best course of action to take in your particular situation.

Filing a claim is not the simple, straightforward task that many believe it to be. If you believe that you can file a claim and the benefits will kick in with no problems, this is a common belief that unfortunately ends with many workers who are injured losing some of the benefits they may be entitled to.  As any knowledgeable Scottsdale  injury lawyer can tell you, benefits are paid through insurance companies, who are often slow to pay or attempt to limit your benefits so that the insurance company can hold on to the money for as long as possible.

Should you choose to represent yourself when a dispute arises, you will find that you regret not having hired a capable Arizona workers’ comp attorney to represent your rights.  The insurance companies who provide workers’ comp coverage hire their own defense lawyers, lawyers who are very skilled and capable.  Without strong legal counsel on your side, you risk losing benefits that you likely would not have lost had you hired an attorney.

When you are injured on the job, report your injury to your employer right away. It is also important that you file a claim quickly, within a one year time period from the date that the accident took place.  In addition, there are other reports that you must fill out in order to file, either a Physician’s Report of Injury or a Worker’s Report of Injury – and do not count on your employer to file a workers’ comp claim for you.  Phoenix personal injury lawyers with a special focus on workers compensation cases know that in order to claim the full compensation you deserve for medical costs and lost work, it is essential that you be proactive and take action, the most important step being to contact a trusted attorney. Work accidents in Phoenix Arizona can be very damaging to your health, income, out of pocket costs and more.  Don’t hesitate to contact an attorney today at the Law Offices of Thomas Wilmer PC to determine whether you have an opportunity to recover lost wages, medical bills and possibly punitive damages.

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Arizona Premises Liability Lawyers Protect Your Rights When Injured on Dangerous Properties

Property owners, businesses, landlords and even homeowners are responsible for keeping their properties in good condition so that they are safe for those who may be on those properties.  Arizona personal injury lawyers work to protect an injured victims’ rights, seeking compensation for costs related to injuries from those who fail to keep their property properly maintained and in safe condition.

A child may drown in a swimming pool that was not secured; slip and fall accidents on slippery or uneven surfaces can result in serious injuries.  Every year in the U.S., approximately 4,500 individuals drown – and many of these fatal accidents occur on someone else’s property.  For every child under the age of 18 years old who drowns, there are four more who do not lose their lives, but suffer injuries.  When the person who owns or manages the property on which the pool is located is negligent, he or she may be held liable for the costs related to injuries suffered by those on their property.  A skilled Arizona premises liability attorney will work to prove guilt on the part of the defendant, so that the injured party is fairly compensated.

Examples of dangerous or defective properties include:

  • Wet and/or slippery floors – resulting in Slip and Fall injuries
  • Broken sidewalks, steps or stairs that can cause a fall
  • Explosion or fire
  • Potholes, cracks and other defects in pavement
  • Swimming pool drownings resulting from areas that are not locked or are unsupervised
  • Areas that are not sufficiently lighted
  • Elevators and escalators that are malfunctioning
  • Properties on which visitors are exposed to hazardous materials
  • Properties on which sexual assaults or assault and battery occurs

There are many other instances in which a property may be considered unsafe.  When no warning sign exists alerting visitors of hazards or dangers, a business or property owner may be held responsible.  In order to secure compensation for your injuries, it is essential that you consult with an Phoenix premises liability lawyer who understands the complexities of these laws.  As the plaintiff, it is your responsibility to prove that the property owner failed to maintain a safe property, or created unsafe conditions in some way.  An experienced attorney will help you in this matter.

Reputable Arizona premises liability attorneys will warn you NOT to give an interview should the responsible party’s insurance claims agent call.  While they will try to convince you they are trying to help you, what they are actually attempting to do is limit their liability in order to compensate you for far less than you deserve.  If you have been injured on a dangerous property, consult a capable Scottsdale injury lawyer right away.

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